Competition between Cigarettes

When e-cigarettes first emerged on the market, they were perhaps in competition with the more traditional tobacco cigarettes but today, now that there are over 2 million e-cigarette users in the UK, the competition between the different e-cigarette makers is becoming the e-cigarette maker’s biggest concern.

The best e cig UK makers as well as others though, still advertise that e-cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. This is a claim which is well founded as even though tests have not been completed on as to whether or not e-cigarettes present any health hazards at all, experts agree that they will be far less and far less serious than those that tobacco cigarettes present.

None of the makers of e-cigarettes though, claim that by switching to e-cigarettes will make them be able to quit smoking even though a growing number of smokers that have tried e-cigarettes have been able to quit. The reason why e-cigarettes can help a smoker to quit is because in a tobacco cigarette, it is the nicotine content that is addictive and as the e-cigarettes also have nicotine, they can quell a smoker’s craving.

The nicotine level in e-cigarettes is not as high as it is in tobacco cigarettes and so does not usually cause addiction and can, in some instances, help to wean a smoker from the need for nicotine at all. What e-cigarettes do not contain in the vapours they produce though, are the over 4000 chemicals that are produced in the smoke of tobacco cigarettes and it are those chemicals that present the biggest hazards to a person’s health. Although smokers have known for decades that by smoking they could be risking health problems, they did not seem to mind and kept on smoking but now, since it has been shown that they are also risking other people’s health, they seem to want to try and stop.

Since it has been discovered that smokers are putting at risk other people’s health with their second hand smoke, smoking in public buildings and many other places has been banned and this has meant that smokers have often had to leave their present company for few minutes, at regular intervals, in order to have a smoke. This has left many smokers feeling like an outsider in any social group and even as an outsider in their workplace if the same ban is in place there and that has led to an increasing number of smokers to look for ways to stop.

If they first try an e-cigarette on just one occasion and find that it curbed their cravings for a smoke long enough for them to fully enjoy the company they were in, they use on other occasions. Some of these people have then gotten so used to using the e-cigarettes that they have been able to completely go without tobacco cigarettes, thereby quitting a habit they may have had for years.

Those ex-smokers that have stopped, not only find their health improves but they also discover they have a lot more money than they used to have.