Perfect Pull Up Bars

Although almost any bar will do for using for pull ups, providing it is secure, there are bars which have been specifically designed for that purpose. Among these specialist bars is perhaps the perfect bar for doorways as it is ideal for the purpose of doing pull ups and can be conveniently installed into your house so there will be no need to go to a gym and therefore no sometimes expensive gym bills.

Apart from bars which fit over the doorways there are also other types of bar which have been specifically designed for doing pull ups and they can either be free standing bars or wall mounted bars, both of which are perhaps equally ideal for pull ups. Having one of these specialist pull up bars in your home can save you a lot of time and money as pull ups alone can be very beneficial but when combines with sit ups which are of equal benefit to the lower body as pull ups are to the upper body, there may not be need for any other exercise.

Both pull ups and sit ups are considered to be compound exercise which means that they target more than just one set of muscle group. With the pull ups targeting the upper body and the sit ups targeting the lower body, they provide for a full body workout. This type of full body workout has minimal expense even if you do buy a special pull up bar as the sit ups can also be accomplished with little if any equipment.

There are some people that exercise though for specific reasons, perhaps to lose weight or some other reason why they may need to do certain exercises but even those people will benefit from doing these two exercises as well. Although losing weight may require a different sort of exercises from these two, these two will increase the heart rate which in turn will make the other exercises easier and more beneficial.

People that want to achieve a perfect V shaped upper body may use pull ups alone and yet still achieve their goal. As the pull ups target many of the upper muscle groups, no other exercises may be necessary especially as by adjusting your grip on a pull up bar, you can target one specific muscle group like the laterals by having a grip on the bar with the hands apart. Holding the hands together on the bar will specifically target a different muscle group and if the grip is reversed into what some people refer to as chin ups, yet another muscle group is specifically targeted.

With the percentage of people being considered either obese or unfit, there is little surprise that an increasing number of people are joining gyms but, many of those people could in fact save themselves all that expense by merely looking ot see the benefits of pull ups and sit ups so they can determine if it is necessary to use the expensive gym equipment.