Buying a Rifle Scope

When it comes to buying a scope for your rifle, you have to be very careful in which one you opt for. A scope is very important for accurate shooting and it has even been said, given the choice between a good rifle and a good scope, some people would opt for the scope rather than the rifle. This is perhaps understandable as, regardless of how good the rifle is, if you can’t aim well, you won’t hit anything. Of course, one of the main factors you may consider is price but even if you can’t afford the most expensive, there are good scopes available at reasonable prices.

One thing you should first look at is to see if the method of attachment to the rifle is compatible to your rifle. Although with slight modifications a scope could be made to attach to a rifle, any alterations to the scope may prevent it from being as accurate as it could be. Perhaps the next consideration will be size and perhaps more importantly weight. A large heavy scope may be suitable for target shooting on a range but if you are planning on walking great distances whilst hunting, you will want a small scope that is light. Again if hunting, you may want a scope that as well as being relatively light, has an easy to use and quick distance adjuster. Whilst hunting you never know at what distance your next target will appear and as you may not have long to set the scope, you will want one that is very easily adjusted for the correct range.

In the military, a scope and a rifle may go through some rough treatment but they also can whilst you are on a hunt and so if a scope is said to be combat ready or has been tested in combat conditions, it should stand up to most of the conditions you may encounter whilst on a hunt. Usually a military standard scope will be versatile to allow for the different situations military personnel find themselves in and that may also be beneficial to you.

An increasingly popular scope is made by Vortex Optics and although the company was only founded in 2002, they are not such a well-established name as Leupold or Aimpoint but they are rapidly becoming known for providing similar quality. A Vortex Spitfire 3X Review shows that the scope with a weight of 12.2 ounces is not the lightest on the market, it cannot be considered as particularly heavy. Its weight could make it an acceptable choice for hunters, especially as its battery, which has multiple light settings, can last for up to 250 hours on the brightest setting and as long as 3000 hours on its’ dimmest. With a price tag of under $500, this is thought to be a good buy but the review did note that the scope was only water resistant and not water proof. However it is considered to otherwise be tough enough for serious shooting and even police work.